Prenatal Care

It is the health care that specialists provide to a woman while she is pregnant, with the aim of ensuring the best health conditions for her and her baby’s during pregnancy and, later, an optimal delivery care.

During pregnancy you should undergo different ultrasounds. We will give you all the detailed information on when to perform them and what they are about:

Why choose us?

In MEDIMUJER we have gynecologists specialized in obstetrics, who provide a personalized and exclusive follow-up for the patient and the baby. We make a review of previous tests and ultrasounds, a physical examination to see how is the fundal height, a vaginal examination to discard infections, take vital sign, give recommendations about gymnastics, medicines, vitamins, diet, among others.

In addition, we know that being pregnant generates a lot of doubts, curiosity and concerns. It is the reason we offer permanent counseling to clarify doubts and watch to the extend possible the pregnancy and reduce possible risks.